Förändrar bilförsäljningen med Magento för Rockar

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Vår passion är att skapa engagerade digitala upplevelser som
uppfyller våra kunders drömmar och mål

Magento-lösning för The New York Times butik

Blockchain and smart-contract solutions for enterprise

Business Design Intelligence & Award Winning Creative

Business Design Intelligence &
Award Winning Creative

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Scandiweb Stories

How we created an innovative concept for Coca-cola

Our task was to develop a digital and technology-based solution which can be integrated around the glass bottles served in hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and clubs all over Europe, and which —  in one way or the other — enriches the experience of having an ice-cold Coke.

Helping Jaguar Land Rover disrupt car retail

We all buy something on-line. But did you imagine you can buy a new car? Configure millions of options, trade-in your old vehicle, get financing and ... get it delivered to your door! Read the full storey...

ORO CRM integration - Case Study of European car maker

In the 21st century, you can buy anything online, the internet of things is already here! We had never done anything like this before which makes this one the most advanced projects for Scandiweb so far.

How to make Magento support great for team and clients

That’s a thing: a lot of IT specialists feel a technical support developer job is not a good job.

How AWS can protect your Magento store from DDoS

It was just an ordinary day at the office — developers developing, managers managing, sysadmins doing nothing.

Security standing of 13,000+ Magento stores

It all started on Thursday (17th of March, 2011) with an email from one of our future customers.